Why choose Muskie Connection?

Del Harrington is a registered Maine Guide and United States Coast Guard Captain. Del has made a name for himself for catching big muskies.

If you want to catch one of Maine's largest fresh water fish, then you have found the right guide service. We are located only minutes away from the St. John River, home to thousands of big muskies. We practice catch and release so that the fish will continue to grow, and possible allow another fisherman to catch the same fish again. Fishing starts once the ice is out in the spring and continues into November. If you like to troll then May, June, and late fall are the best times, while casting is better in late June through October. 


A little about muskie, where they come from and where to find them.

Maine’s population of muskielunge or muskie originated from an introductory stocking in Lac Frontiere by the Quebec Government around the 1960’s. Lac Frontiere lies at the headwaters of the Northwest Branch of the Saint John River, which provides a travel corridor for musky to access water in Maine.

Source: https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/strategic-management-plans/muskellunge.pdf

Muskie Connection fish several sections of the St. John and St. Francis rivers that border between Maine and Canada. Another popular location for muskie fishing in Northern Aroostook County is Glazier Lake located on the St. Francis River on the Maine and Quebec border.